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Dr Leonor Girao

Our Mission

Since 1985 our MISSION is to seek excellence in Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery to provide the best well-being to our patients.

  • To propose a global and diversified offer of care that meets the expectations of patients/clients in terms of medical and aesthetic care.

  • Offer our patients a quality service in a welcoming and privileged environment.

  • Putting patient satisfaction at the heart of our collective approach to medical and aesthetic care, wellness, humanity  and benevolence.

  • Priority  The  medical innovation and  spirit of progress towards an outcome that responds  to the needs and expectations of our patients/clients.

  • Sustain a dynamic of “Quality and Safety”, in a double medical and human dimension.

  • Promote responsible management of the Clinic at all levels, through quality indicators and the implementation of a long-term sustainable development policy.

  • Practice a transparent pricing policy regarding features and expectations.

Face dipped in white water


We are a team of qualified and certified professionals to better serve you and committed to helping you  to find the best solutions for your case.

  • Provide clear, sincere and appropriate information for informed consent and personalized service.

  • provide medical care​​ that respect the confidentiality, dignity, privacy and tranquility of the patient.

  • Provide each clinician healthcare professional with a secure framework for quality missions based on shared human values.

  • Let our patients SHINE.

our team

Manuela Caparica

Patient management; Marketing and Reception

Lourdes Matos

treatment assistant


Dr Leonor Girao

Clinical Director
clinical dermatology,  surgical,
Aesthetics and Cosmetics

Dr Margarida Coelho

clinical dermatology,  surgical,
Aesthetics and Cosmetics

Dr Sofia Lopes

Clinical Analyst
Support to the medical team
treatment assistant

Dr Marta Galrito

Stomatology doctor
Specialist in snoring treatments

Dr. Manuel Peixoto

Manager / Coach
Specialist in Coaching, Mentoring & Training

Dr Olga Lavado

Gynecology doctor
Specialist in urinary incontinence treatments,
rejuvenation and
  vaginal atrophy

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